Comprehensive List of Amazon Seller Transactions

Amazon Seller Transactions and Transaction Fees

All Amazon Transaction Fees

As an Amazon seller it is a good idea to have a finger on the pulse of the Amazon Seller Transactions. That is not to say you have to constantly be aware of them all the time, but in order to get your cost of doing business straight, you need to know at least the basics.

In this post, you will find a very comprehensive list of each transaction type. It is a guide to help you get an idea of what types of things you see going in and out when either selling with FBA or fulfilling your own Amazon products.

In a past blog post we broke down the FBA Seller Fees on their own. You will now see how many more transactions exist. After looking through the list of Amazon seller activity you will see why most Amazon sellers only look at the money coming in and money going out; even though it is a bad business practice. Until I put them all down into one comprehensive post I had no idea just how many potential Amazon transactions there are.
Amazon Transactions Animated

Amazon Adjustments

  • Adjustment ItemPrice Goodwill
  • Adjustment ItemPrice RestockingFee
  • Adjustment promotion Principal
  • Other other transaction other transaction BalanceAdjustment

Amazon Delivery and Transport

  • Non Amazon Order ShipmentFees FBATransportationFee
  • Other other transaction other transaction FBAInboundTransportationFee
  • Other other transaction other transaction Inbound Transportation Charge

Amazon Comissions and Selling Fees

  • Adjustment ItemFees Commission
  • Adjustment ItemFees RefundCommission
  • Order ItemFees Commission
  • Refund ItemFees Commission
  • Refund ItemFees RefundCommission
  • Order ItemFees GiftwrapCommission
  • A to z Guarantee Refund ItemFees Commission
  • A to z Guarantee Refund ItemFees RefundCommission

Amazon Fulfillment and Warehousing

  • Order ItemFees FBAPerOrderFulfillmentFee
  • Order ItemFees FBAPerUnitFulfillmentFee
  • Order ItemFees FBAWeightBasedFee
  • Non Amazon Order ItemFees FBAPerOrderFulfillmentFee
  • Non Amazon Order ItemFees FBAPerUnitFulfillmentFee
  • Non Amazon Order ShipmentFees FBA transportation fee
  • Other other transaction other transaction Storage Fee

Other Amazon Selling Transactions

  • Order ItemFees GiftwrapChargeback
  • Order ItemPrice GiftWrap
  • Refund ItemFees GiftwrapChargeback
  • Refund ItemPrice GiftWrap
  • Refund ItemPrice Goodwill
  • Refund ItemPrice RestockingFee
  • Other other transaction other transaction Current Reserve Amount
  • Other transaction Inventory Placement Service Fee
  • Non Amazon Order ShipmentFees Brand Neutral Packaging Service Fee
  • Non Amazon Order ShipmentFees Multi Channel Fulfillment Brand Neutral Box Fee
  • Other MiscEvent
  • Other Transaction Amazon Capital Services
  • Other transaction Payable to Amazon
  • Other transaction DisposalComplete
  • Other transaction RemovalComplete
  • Other transaction Previous Reserve Amount Balance
  • Other transaction Successful charge
  • Other transaction Transfer of funds unsuccessful
  • Other transaction WarehousePrep

Promotion for Amazon Selling

  • Order Promotion Principal
  • Refund Promotion Principal

Amazon Refund and Return Fees

  • FBA Inventory Reimbursement Customer Return
  • Other transaction FBA Inventory Reimbursement Customer Return

Reimbursements from Amazon

  • Other transaction FBA Inventory Reimbursement Damaged:Warehouse
  • FBA Inventory Reimbursement Fee correction
  • FBA Inventory Reimbursement Lost:Inbound
  • FBA Inventory Reimbursement Lost:Warehouse
  • FBA Inventory Reimbursement MISSING_FROM_INBOUND
  • Other transaction FBA Inventory Reimbursement REVERSAL_REIMBURSEMENT
  • Other transaction FBA Inventory Reimbursement WAREHOUSE_DAMAGE
  • Other transaction FBA Inventory Reimbursement WAREHOUSE_LOST
  • Other transaction FBA Inventory Reimbursement Lost:Warehouse

Amazon Sales Transactions

  • Adjustment ItemPrice Principal
  • Order ItemPrice Principal
  • Refund ItemPrice Principal
  • A to z Guarantee Refund ItemPrice Principal

Shipping Products Sold on Amazon

  • Adjustment ItemFees ShippingChargeback
  • Adjustment ItemPrice Shipping
  • Adjustment ItemPrice ShippingTax
  • Adjustment promotion Shipping
  • Order ItemFees ShippingChargeback
  • Order ItemFees ShippingHB
  • Order ItemPrice Shipping
  • Order ItemPrice ShippingTax
  • Order Promotion Shipping
  • Refund ItemFees ShippingChargeback
  • Refund ItemFees ShippingHB
  • Refund ItemPrice ReturnShipping
  • Refund ItemPrice Shipping
  • Refund ItemPrice ShippingTax
  • Refund Promotion Shipping
  • Other transaction ShippingServices
  • Other transaction ShippingServicesRefund

Amazon Subscription and Service Fees

  • Other transaction NonSubscriptionFeeAdj
  • Other transaction Subscription Fee
  • Other transaction SubscriptionFeeCorrection


  • Adjustment ItemPrice Tax
  • Order ItemFees SalesTaxServiceFee
  • Order ItemPrice GiftWrapTax
  • Order ItemPrice Tax
  • Order_Retrocharge ItemPrice Tax
  • Refund ItemPrice Tax
  • Refund_Retrocharge ItemPrice Tax

Amazon Seller Transactions Wrapped Up

There are a lot of Amazon seller transactions. Until I listed them all I did not really comprehend the depth of Amazon's various methods for tracking. The more and more product that you sell the more you will realize how important it is to track most of the above Amazon business activity.